Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I was driving down the road at about 2:30am and singing to keep myself awake. I do that from time to time when the rest of the family is sleeping, I sing and have time to talk to my heavenly Father. Like I said I was singing(not at the top of my voice, because I wanted everyone else to stay sleeping) and driving when I stopped to think about what I was singing. "My Lord knows the way through the wilderness. All I have to do is follow." And it really struck me funny because as I was singing that I was looking at a GPS that someone had loaned us. My first thought was "if the Lord know the way, why am I following this thing?" But then I thought "Maybe GPS stands for God Provided Satellite." Who knows but it never hurts us to stop and think about what we are singing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Around the World?

Jason, my husband, tells me that we have traveled around 22,000 miles since the end of May. I forgot to add this little detail to my last post. But if that is true, we could have traveled all the way around the world and by now. Maybe that is why I am feeling just a bit tired. Yes, I feel like I have been around the world and back. Sometime I will have to figure up how many miles I have traveled with my wonderful man since we have been married. I'm sure we have traveled around the world several times.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Deputation Update

We are almost done with our deputation tour, so I thought you might like to hear a few of the details. My husband, Jason, and my two children, Jessica and Joshua and I (Joanna) have been living out of our mini van since the first weekend in June. We have been home only 7 days this summer. We have been traveling to different churches, raising funds and prayers support for our missionary work in Ukraine. We have had 65 services in churches across the USA. We have been from coast to coast, in 26 different States so far. We have stayed with some very nice people and even had the chance to be with family. If we have already been with you, thanks for listening to our talk and giving and praying. If we haven't been with you yet, we are looking forward to seeing you. Hope you like these pictures taken by my good friend Carrie Carter at our service in Frankfort, IN.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our little school on the highway

Josh loves school!!!
Jessica studying hard

The first day of school is an exciting time. Maybe a lot more exciting when your first starting out. But all the same, it is a change from the carefree summer, and a reconnecting with school friends. Our first day of school this year was a just a little different from the norm. Yes, we do home school our two children, Jessica-5th grade and Joshua-kindergarten. We have been on the road since the first of June doing our deputation tour. We travel to different churches across the US telling them what we have done in the past in Ukraine and what we plan on doing as we go back this next month. Since we have been in the van practically all summer our children were getting bored of the games we had, gameboy, and coloring books. Even story books, which they normally love to be read to, was not keeping their interest. So when they begged to start school we decided to go ahead and start. We use A.C.E. curriculum, and our first day of school was
Aug. 19th. We had to leave our home in CO at 4:30am to make to our service that night, so it was a little early. After the children woke up and we had a little breakfast, we started in on our first day of school. That day we ended up traveling 12hrs that day and 10hrs the next. But we have been doing fairly well keeping up with their schooling. Jessica sits in the front seat and Jason helps her when needed. I sit back with Josh,because he needs a lot more help with his schooling. I love working with children, even my own. They are so much fun! I just hope I am saying that at the end of the year. I guess we'll see.