Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer plans

Jason and Josh took a trip to Western Ukraine to finalize our summer plans for VBSs and children's ministry in the mountains. The morning after the arrived it started to rain. And it didn't stop for three day. Needless to say there ways a lot of mud. They have a holiday here in Ukraine to celebrate Jesus' ascension. The church had a service on the mountain top even though it rained. A lot of people came and they had service for an hour and half, standing in the rain. The roads were fun (if you like mudding) for Jason, Josh , Veta and Stepon. They drove the van as far as they could ....
and then they walked. Actually Stepon, Jason, Josh, and a pastor from the area climbed the mountain to see about ministry opportunities. We are planning on having a VBS and outreach ministry in the mountains and they needed to make contacts with the people.

Here they made it to the top. Happy hikers even if it is still raining.

These mountains behind Josh are the ones we will be camping in and doing ministry. There are around 100 homes and as far as we know only one family are believers. We hope to do this ministry trip in the end of Aug.

Here is the one family who are believers and has invited us to come and hold services in their home and do VBS for the children of their mountain. Roman and Natasha have four children and live a very simple life. They are excited about some one wanting to come and help them share Christ with their neighbours.

Jason also made contact with a gypsy camp and some Believers that are trying to start a church with them. We hope to have a VBS at the gypsy camp as well. Tomorrow is the first of June and the starts our busy summer. We plan on working around here the first two weeks of June with preparations and remodling. Then on the 22nd of June we head to Nova Odessa with two families that are coming to help with summer ministry. We start our first VBS on the 23rd of June. We will be leading and helping with 7 different VBSs in different towns and villages. Some of those will be in southern Ukraine, 2 near here and 2 western Ukraine. We also will be helping with a youth camp and evangelistic services and outreach ministry. We plan on doing some humanitarian aide also. It was fun letting you in on some of our plans. So will you pray with us that God will direct our steps and give us the strength to do what needs to be done. We are very excited. Keep on line to see more as it happens.

Hoe those potatoes

One of my friends, Valalena, said that she wanted to come to our ladies meeting but couldn't unless she had her potatoes hoed. I offered to help her. Jess and I went over to her garden and we had it all done in a little over an hour. It was fun to help a friend and get a little exercise.

Our first Young mother's tea or fellowship

God has made it possible for me to make friendships with several young mothers. And it didn't take me very long to realize how much they really needed fellowship and friends. Village life is hard and some of them don't have a very pretty life. This past Tues. evening we had our first young ladies tea. I invited all that I could think of and they were happy to come. We plan on meeting once a month. My summer is very busy with children's ministry, so pray that I will be able to keep up with it all. We made two different kinds of cookies and then shared receipts and had pizza and tea. Then we had a time of sharing prayer request. Several of the ladies shared from the heart. Then I had everyone pray for the lady next to them. God came in a special way and I know hearts were touched. The best part is, this are not just church ladies, half of them do not go to church regularly. Please pray that we will be able to see some of these ladies come to know the Saviour. We had a great time and are looking forward to our next meeting.

Homemade doughnuts

I made some doughnut dough before our lady's tea and hoped to show them how to make them. Well my dough didn't rise until later that night so I was up very late frying and frosting more than 65 doughnuts. Jess and I took them as we went visiting the next evening, and we also took some to Kid's Club. Everyone liked them and it gave us an excuse to go and visit in a lot of homes.

A morning walk

Jessica and I took a nice walk one morning this week. She had a look at the village well. Yes, people really do use it. A lot of people have their own well in the yard. And some houses even have running water. If they live too far from the village well then they use their neighbor's well.
I wanted to share a picture of the first summer roses here in Osikova, Ukraine. They were so pretty and a nice ending to a pretty walk.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last month's Borscht !?!?

OK so not last month, but it has been several weeks since I have put any post on my blog. Sorry!!!! I really have tried and every tiime that I would have time to sit down and blog ( and that's not very often) for some reason the internet would NOT work or I couldn't get my blog to open. Well, my very patient and kind husband, took the time to show me what I was doing wrong. I am so glad that he can figure these things out for me. Any way, I'm back in blogger's world. So are you up to last month's borscht. On my title I called it yesterday's borscht, but I'll be honest with you I didn't do all these things yesterday. Happy reading and looking!

Building and repairs

Since spring is here, at least it is supposed to be here, it is time to fix up some things and spruce up the place. Jessica and I decided to tackle the job of white washing the celler. I have never white washed before in my life. And really the most I know about white washing is about Tom Sawyer white washing the fence, so that's not very much. I had no idea how to do it, but we jumped in and got it done. I didn't know that white wash was bad for your skin, but it really did a number on my hands. At least the celler and the front fence looks better anyway. Now if I can just get my hands to stop peeling.
Jason has to work on our van often. That's just the way things go. We need it to bring kids to Sunday school and people to church and get the things done that have to be done. It is a good thing that Jason is a mechanic, because this van is a mechanic special. We aren't complaining. We are very thankful to have wheels. But Jason thought that since he would be working on the van from time to time it would be very nice to have a cement pad to work on. It has worked out that we have used it for much more than just a place to work on the van. The whole family got involed in mixing and pouring the cement. Even I gave a helping hand when I could. It seems like mommys are always doing all those "-ing" things ( like cooking, sweeping, sewing, ironing, teaching, washing, cleaning.......... you get the idea) I like working along side my man when I am needed, but cement work is hard. I was very glad when Roman and his wife, Nodiea, came and helped us one day. They were such a blessing and it was great to work along side our Ukrainian people. It seems like you are always helping them, so it was nice to have the tables turned this time.

Josh felt like a man working with his daddy. Jessie liked to help when she could as well. She was always trying to get out of school so she could help. I am glad that my children like to work together as a family. My Mom and Dad taught me to love work and I hope I can pass that on to my children.

Fellowship and tea

Here is a picture of our patio after it is finished. Dave Drummond was here and preached for us on Sunday afternoon. It was a good service and some of the people wanted to spend more time with Bro. Drummond while he was here since he used to be their missionary. So they wanted to have tea outside and the patio was the perfect place. The village children have found out that it is also perfect for playing foursquare on and chalk art. We are so happy to have the nice patio.

Jess and friends

I liked this picture of Jessica and her friends at a church picnic. It was a fun day in the forest. Over here they usually have shish kabobs at picnics instead of hotdogs and hambugers. It was all good.

Little taxi driver

Josh loves to give all his little friends rides back and forth on our street. One day was we were walking as a family (you do that a lot when you live in a village) the little girls were fighting over who would get to ride with Josh next. This little girl, Ira, won this time.

End of School Year

Jessica and Josh are very happy that the end of the year has come. This is actually an old picture of Jessica at her desk. When you are a homeschool missionary's kid you end up doing school on the run a lot, and in many different places. We have done our best to keep up with their schooling no matter where we were. Josh has finished this work for this year and Jessica has one PACE left to go. She should be done in one or two days. Jessica likes to sit at her desk and turn on music and turn it up so she can't hear all the distractions. I think the teacher is almost as glad as the students that it is the end of the school year.

Daddy's Girl

Jason took Jessica on a date few weeks ago. It is really special that they can have time to talk and build a good father -daughter relationship. And I want Jessica to know how a man is supposed to treat her. She is becoming quite a young lady, and we are happy how God is working in her life. And yes, they do have pizza in Ukraine.

Saturday market

Guess what I have caught up my blog to today. Yea!!! Yes, this morning we took a family trip to a Saturday market or bazzar. We needed a few things and wanted to check on the price of vegetables compared to Kiev prices. Thought you might like to see what a shopping experience is like. There are shopping centers and supper markets in Ukraine now. But only in the big cities. Most Ukrainians will buy what they need in market like this or in small shops. Here is a horse waiting on his master to finish shopping. Most of the people come by bus or taxi van if they don't have a car of their own.

On we were on our way Jason stopped at a bus stop because I saw one of my friends there and wanted to give her a ride. Well, everyone at the bus stop got in and Jason gave them a free ride to market. I think there were about 8 or 9 people. It was kinda funny.

Singing in the rain

When I heard it raining, a few days ago,I went to look for my children who had been out taking a walk. This is what I found. They were in no hurry to get home because they had on waterproof hats.They weren't actually singing but they were pretty happy! Here are a few of the children that are usually at our house. They are very nice children from our street that come to Sunday school. Jason built a tree fort and they had to try it out. Recently we have been having kids over every day because it is at the end of school and the weather has been a little warmer. It is not hot yet, just warmer. You still need a jacket most days.

May Bugs!!!

When we went on the church picnic the kids found trees just loaded with June bugs. Here they call them May bugs. Of course all the little boys had to shake the trees and see how many they could pick up. Here is Josh with this handfull.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunday school picnic

We had a picnic with our Kid's Club from both villages, (Osikova & Kenyasachee). The children had to memorize Pslams 23 to go on this picnic.

Dr Jason

Actually the children in our village call him dada Jason which means Uncle Jason. But here he is getting a piece of glass out of Sasha's foot. It doesn't look like Sasha is too sure about it all.