Monday, May 24, 2010

Earning the Right to be Heard

Yesterday, on a long walk in the forest, I had a lot of deep thoughts going through my head. Maybe I should re-phrase that, running through the forest, because if you stopped moving for even a second the mosquitoes try to eat you alive (good motivation to keep moving). The deep thoughts wandering through my mind went something like this. I need to get over my obsession of trying to please everyone. I should do my best to please God first and my husband second. But after that, I need to stop and think about who it is that I am trying to please and taking advice from. Are they people that I really respect, admire and want to be like? Is their marriage one I want my marriage to be like (if they are even married)? How about all those mothers that have given me their "wonderful advice"? Do I really want my kids turning out like theirs? How about their relationship with God? Are they Christians that I admire? I guess what I'm trying to say is, have they earned the right to speak truth into my life? Don't get be wrong, I think counsel is great, I just need to stop and think about Who I'm getting counsel from.
And then it hit me. Have I earned the right to be heard in the lives of my friends? Am I being and doing all God wants be to be so that I really can give Godly counsel? Do I even know someone well enough to be able to give correct advice or counsel? I'm afraid that a lot of times I have just wasted my breath and people really don't care what I have to say. But for some odd reason, I feel that I need to tell them anyway. Does this really have anything to do with ministry? Maybe, maybe not? But I for one am going to stop wasting my breath and start earning the right to be heard before I expect others to stop and listen. How about you?


Carrie said...

Wow! I understand where you're at and am trying to be more discerning in this area (or more in the area of not taking criticism personally from someone who doesn't have my best interests at heart).

I want you to know what a valued friend you are to me. I treasure your counsel because I know you seek God above all else! Bring on the advice, girl! :) Love ya!

Daryl Hausman said...

Our prayers are with you all, though you don't hear from us often enough. We try to stay up on how the Lord is helping you there, through your Dad-in-law's missionary prayer bulletin. God bless you friends, and keep encouraged in Jesus who makes all of our efforts worthwhile.
Blessings to your Home, from our "Haus"! Love the hausman's

Jeff and Steph said...

oh i miss you :) i hope things are going good. please tell the kids, village ones too, that we miss them. we are praying for you guys!