Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going back to Ukraine!!!!

Many of our friends ask us the question, "So you're going back to Ukraine?" Sometimes when they ask it, they have a questioning look on their face like they are wondering if we have lost every brain cell that we ever had. Yes, we are headed back to Ukraine. Yes, we have been following what has happened in Georgia. And yes, we can't be sure the same thing won't happen in Ukraine. Now some may say at this point,"So why are you going?" I can try to explain, but really I can't expect you to understand, unless you have been there. Unless you have been to Ukraine and seen the village children so eager to hear about Jesus, you wouldn't understand why we would ever what to live in a village without common things like running water, inside bathrooms and A/C. There are some things that seem almost impossible to explain. One of those would be the look on someones face when they receive a Bible of their own, when they had wanted one for a long time. Or how about the look on a street child's face when you just gave him the first meal that he has had in three days. Some may ask are you going back because God called you, or to make yourself feel better? There is no question in our mind that we are going to Ukraine because that is where God wants us. But also that is where we want to be! When you make a difference in someones life, and you can see that being there is giving hope and spreading God's Love, why wouldn't we want to go. I know some missionary wives who have drug their feet every step of the way. I don't want that to be said of me. God made us a team and a team we will be. So back to that question," So you're going back to Ukraine?" My answer is loud and I don't care who hears, "Yes, we are going to Ukraine. And I can't wait until we get there."


Carrie said...

Yeah!! Welcome to the blogging world. I'm excited to be able to follow you all the way to Ukraine, even if it is just by internet (until we come visit, anyway!)

Connie Lavy said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I am so excited for you because I know that lots of people will be interested in reading all about your ministry.

God Bless You & safe traveling,
Aunt Connie