Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here I am fixing (or remudding) our petchka or Ukrainian stove. Yes, I did make bread and even a cake in it. Now I have a stove that Jason bought for me that has a working oven in it. I feel like a queen. We still use this Petchka it help heat the house even though we have gas heaters.

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Really Big Junk Drawer said...

What do you burn in one of these? Coal? Wood? I absolutely love heating my own home such as with a wood stove. There is just something about the whole process that I really enjoy. It gives you a sense of satisfaction to gather the wood, cut and stack it, load up the firebox and keep the house warm all on your own. It just feels like a different kind of heat. I'm sure loading coal into a firebox would feel the same too. I guess it's just about being the "keeper of the flame" so to speak.