Saturday, January 10, 2009

Teens from Nova Odessa

On the second of Jan. we brought 5 teenagers from Nova Odessa to spend some time in our home. Our hope and goal was to reconnect with them and be an influence for good in their lives. These teens were children in our Kid's Club when were working in Nova Odessa. We all had a great time and can't wait until we can get together again. We feel with Gods help we were able to encourage those who were trying to be Christians and influence those who have dropped out of church. Every night we had group devotions and they seemed t look forward to even our serious times together. Of course we had a lot of fun times play games, sledding, and working together. Thanks to all of you who prayed for us during this time. We sure needed it. God gave us strength ( even when we didn't get to bed before 3am). We had some very good talks and we feel God is talking to some of them. Keep them in your prayers. Thanks!

Jason showing old pictures of Kid's Club 03-04

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