Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yes, we love snow. Infact our family usually loves lots of snow. But when you have an appointment to meet and you get stuck just driving down the road. Well, your love for snow becomes less real quick. We weren't even trying anything dangrous or off road(I can't say this is always true). Just going to Kiev. We didn't even get out of our own village and driving through a drift our low clearance van just didn't make it. And what a fine time to find out that the four wheel drive is going out. Praise the Lord we got out and made it down the road. Thanks for your prayers.


Rob and Deanna said...

Looks like fun! ;-) We thought it was cold here, but I guarantee we are warm compared to you all. Love reading your blog when you get a chance to post.

Aaron n Ira said...

привет! i tried to talk to you on skype the other day. it did not work for some reason.
joanna, happy belated birthday!!!
i enjoy very much to read your blog and to know that you are blessed beyond belief.
i love you very much.
you are in our prayers,
ira and aaron