Saturday, May 23, 2009

Building and repairs

Since spring is here, at least it is supposed to be here, it is time to fix up some things and spruce up the place. Jessica and I decided to tackle the job of white washing the celler. I have never white washed before in my life. And really the most I know about white washing is about Tom Sawyer white washing the fence, so that's not very much. I had no idea how to do it, but we jumped in and got it done. I didn't know that white wash was bad for your skin, but it really did a number on my hands. At least the celler and the front fence looks better anyway. Now if I can just get my hands to stop peeling.
Jason has to work on our van often. That's just the way things go. We need it to bring kids to Sunday school and people to church and get the things done that have to be done. It is a good thing that Jason is a mechanic, because this van is a mechanic special. We aren't complaining. We are very thankful to have wheels. But Jason thought that since he would be working on the van from time to time it would be very nice to have a cement pad to work on. It has worked out that we have used it for much more than just a place to work on the van. The whole family got involed in mixing and pouring the cement. Even I gave a helping hand when I could. It seems like mommys are always doing all those "-ing" things ( like cooking, sweeping, sewing, ironing, teaching, washing, cleaning.......... you get the idea) I like working along side my man when I am needed, but cement work is hard. I was very glad when Roman and his wife, Nodiea, came and helped us one day. They were such a blessing and it was great to work along side our Ukrainian people. It seems like you are always helping them, so it was nice to have the tables turned this time.

Josh felt like a man working with his daddy. Jessie liked to help when she could as well. She was always trying to get out of school so she could help. I am glad that my children like to work together as a family. My Mom and Dad taught me to love work and I hope I can pass that on to my children.

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