Sunday, September 20, 2009

Youth Camp #2

Every morning our two teams lined up a 7:45 to do the Obstacle Course. Here Jeff A. and Stephannie are trying to get their team awake and ready to win with the best time on the obstacle course. The team with the best time received tickets for each member. But one day the team with the best attitude also received tickets. Also in the night service the camper, for each team, with the best attitude received 10 tickets! Here we have started off and swinging across on the rope swing. Then on to the .....
team skies. Artyom had such long legs and took big steps that his team kept falling down. There were other things they had to do like fill a bucket with water from the sea by passing a pop bottle down the line of people, and walking across a board, Oh and crawling through a tunnel.

One day they had to climb the rope to the top.
I think the best part of the obstacle course was lining up the words for John 3:16 (in Ukrainian) on a board and then carrying until you crossed the line. If they hurried too much and dumped it they had to start all over again.
It was a great way to start the day and it really helped with team spirit. I think it really brought the teens together and taught them how to work together. Not a bad thing for anybody to learn.

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Linda said...

Joanna, It makes me want to go on a missions trip!! :-)So thankful that God helped you all!!