Monday, February 1, 2010

family Christmas

Yes, we did have a family Christmas, here in Ukraine, with our little family. No not a family Christmas as in all the extended family and everyone getting together, but that was fine. We have each other and we are thankful for that. It was a happy Christmas even though we were far from home. Sometimes we call Dec. 25th American Christmas, because they don't celebrate Christmas here in Ukraine at that time. Jessica and Josh were very happy with all there presents but also the making of memories. We have special little traditions that we keep as a family every year. The kids really look forward everything that comes with making Christmas special, and remembering Jesus' birthday.
Josh adding the final touch to our Christmas tree. He made the star (snowflake) himself. He loved helping make the decoration for the tree. It was a Christmas full of fun memories. Cutting our tree in the forest, stringing the popcorn, making snowflakes, making gifts for each other, reading our favorite Christmas stories, the joy on little faces, and remembering the Best Gift of all.

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