Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nova Odess youth

The first week in Jan, Katrina and some of her youth from Nova Odessa, came to visit us. They were with us for four days. As you can tell the teens just love Katrina. We are so happy that she is able to be "their missionary" in Nova Odessa. She lives in the little house we use to live in. Jason bought a foosball table for the village kids. We have it out on our veranda, so you can see laundry drying in the background. Here the village children and some of the teens are enjoying the new game. We are happy to give them a safe place to hang out and have fun.
The teens really seemed to enjoy the snow!!! We had enough for them to go sledding and Jason pulled them around the village, plowing the roads as they went.

In the end some of them looked like walking snowmen.
Even Jessica joined in the fun. Can you tell that is Jessica? She came prepared. We are still enjoying a lot of snow, but now we have a nice thick layer of ice under the snow. That can get pretty tricky when it comes to driving on it. I stick with my safe taxi driver named Jason. He gives good rates and gets you there safely.
Here is the whole group headed back home on the train. Pray for each one of these teens.

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