Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday School Christmas Party

Here is our little group of children from our village that come to our Sunday school. Some of them are from very hard homes, while a few have Christian parents. They really did enjoy the Christmas party we gave them. We were planning on more coming over from our Kid's Club in Kanyazachee, but the snow was too deep and the weather too bad. We had games, snacks and then gifts. When we were taking them all to their homes we gave jams and plates of cookies to their parents and sang carols to them. It was a great night. Natsha was helping to make the Christmas cookies. She can be a big help and also a big handful.
These are a few of the different kind of cookies we made to give away. Gingersnaps with white chocolate and sprinkles

Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate
Are you hungery yet?

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Carrie said...

The gingersnaps look quite tasty! Looks like you all had a great time!