Monday, February 23, 2009

He giveth and He taketh away.

This is a sad but true story. Yes, we have puppies. Both Jessica and Josh were excited when our dog Jenny had 8 little puppies last month. They had a hard time waiting until their eyes opened. They were so happy when they could finally hold them. But mom kept hearing little puppies sound under the desk when it was school time. They were always trying to sneak them in the house. Well, all the fun ended this morning. About 5:15 this morning, I woke up and smelled smoke. Of course I woke up Jason and we tried to find the fire. We couldn't find it in the house. But then we heard the puppies crying. Our wood shed was on fire. A heat light had fallen on some doggy bedding.The dog house had burned up with 6 of the puppies in it. And part of our wood pile was on fire. We formed our own fire department, quickly. Dad was fire cheif, Mom fill water buckets, and kid's carried filled water buckets. The fire was soon out, PTL! We are so thankful it wasn't any worse. Our wood shed it metal so it didn't burn, but just some of the things inside. After the fire was put out and everyone was calmed down, we knelt down as a family and thank the Lord for His protection. No one was hurt, we still have most of our winter wood pile, our dog Jenny wasn't hurt and we still have 2 puppies to play with, of all these things we can be thankful. But we still miss the puppies.


Rob and Deanna said...

So sorry! :-( Thankful you are safe!

Carrie said...

Aww, I'm so sorry about the puppies. I'm glad you all are safe, though!