Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday School in Osikova

It has been harder than I thought to get the Sunday School up and going here in our village, Osikova. Lately it has been gain one kid and lose two. There has been a Sunday School here in the past, but for some reason the parents and children are a little shy about coming. I guess that is why they call missionary work, WORK. Well, yes it is work sometimes. Not that I am complaining. It is the kind of work I love. I wanted to show you all a few pictures of what we have been doing in Sunday School. Yesterday was a great day, even though several of the kids were sick and didn't come. We are learning about the Armor of the Lord(Eph.6) and I am telling the story of Pilgrim's Progress. Jason has been a big help in acting out the story. Yesterday he was throwing darts, and I was glad that I had a good shield. The kid's are loving it and they are not the only ones. My tranalator says he likes it more than church. Growing up he never had Sunday School. This past week we started another weekly children's service in Kanyazachee. This village is much larger and the children seem more interested. We will see how many children come next week. Only the Lord knows and it is our job to be faithful. If you are looking for a prayer project, you could pray for our Sunday School and the ministry to children here in Ukraine.

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Lavy Country said...

We're praying for you. Nice armor! Thank you for sharing the pictures. It helps bring it home in such a real way. Love you all!