Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big Help from the Mission Helps Team!!!!

Pastor Roman has worked very hard on the church in Kanyazachee. It used to be a log church. But then 9 years ago it was hit by lighting and burned to the ground. Roman and his dear wife Nodiea started all over again and and with the help of family and other Christians, they have built this beautiful church. Once again God's people have stepped up and given much needed help.

I go over to Kanyazachee every Thur. evening and help lead a weekly Kid's Club. Well, we have been in need of Sunday school room and somewhere to work with the kids. We have between 10- 18 kids, in this village,. When the weather is nice, we can do games and crafts outside. But now that we are in the winter months it is getting dark at 4;30pm. and much too cold to do activities outside. God blessed in a special way and the money came in so we could finish the basement for a fellowship hall and Sunday school room, and a place to children's ministry. Jason loves to work with his hands, and Roman also helps where he can. But a Mission Helps team said that they would love to come and help. And we were thrilled, and so was Roman. The six men, were fast and hard workers and such a blessing. They were able to get done in two weeks, what might have taken Roman and Jason a whole year to do. Thank you guys for coming!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for coming and working so R. Jonathan Lucas, Jeffery Albertson, Jon MacVey, Jarrod Davis, Dave Holderbaum, and Dave Weaver.

They did stuccoing, hanging drywall, electrical, pouring cement, laying tile and more.

Josh even helped one day. I hope he learned a lot by watching,and helping.
Jeffery is helping Jon work on the walls. Jon MacVey came even though he had just hurt his ankle and leg. He did a good job and the leg didn't slow him down too much. Thank the Lord!
This is what the basement looked like before they started. It was pretty much a mess and only usable as a storage place. The men in the church are encouraged with all the help from the team. And are working hard along side Roman to finish it. The rooms should be ready for ministry soon. Nodiea, Roman's wife, was thanking the Lord today in church for all that had been done. It will be a blessing to her as well, because all the cooking for the church dinners has to be done in her small kitchen. She was just glowing with excitement as she thanked the Lord for the team coming and the church men that have picked up where they left off. Jason was the one who coordinated everything and ran for supplies, and did all the buying. A lot was done in a short time. When we get finished pictures we will post those as well. They are painting and putting up lights and such. Please for the church as the work goes forward.

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