Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friday Night- Youth Night

Since his graduation from high school, in June, Artyom has been living with us and helping with our ministry. He works as a translator, and does great with the children. This summer he received a lot of help spiritually at youth camp. When we were missionaries in Nova Odessa, he used to be a kid who came to our Kid's Club. The Drummonds have been working with him and after graduation we invited him to come and work with us. Since our children's ministry has slowed down a bit in the winter months, Artyom really wanted to do something with the teenagers here in Osikova. He felt like God was putting it on his heart to start a youth group. God has really blessed his efforts and we have between 10 -12 teenagers in our living room every Friday night. Of course I fix them some kind of snacks and they have a time of singing and and playing games. But the main part of the meeting is the devotional. Sometimes Artyom takes two days in preparation, and planning. He has grown and learned a lot himself with he was preparing his youth night materials. Please keep praying for Artyom as he does his best to lead the youth. Also pray that God will give him the right ideas and that he won't be discouraged. Right now he is on the phone explaining to his family, who are not believers, what he learned in Bible study last night. I know God has plans for this young man. Just pray that we will give him the support that he needs as he grown in Christ.

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