Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Harvest Sunday

Here in Ukraine, they celebrate thanksgiving in a different way. Each church has what they call Harvest Sunday and they thank God for the good harvest. It is not just a pretty thing to do. It is serious, when most of these people really do get most of what they eat from their gardens. Jason was one of the four men who preached that Sunday. We celebrated this special day with Roman's church in Kanyazachee. Jason's sermon was so good. The best I have ever heard him speak. God really helped. I don't know why he says that he can't preach. The children had memorized poems and songs for the day.

The fruit and vegetables were grown in the gardens of the local church people. It was a beautiful display, and a great day to give thanks to God.

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Cheryl said...

Of course he is a good speaker, he is kin to his Daddy!! His Mama would sure be PROUD!!!! Love ya all.