Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hearing and telling

As missionaries we do our very best to share God's love and tell the Good News of His love. What I have found almost even more exciting than sharing this wonderful story with others, is finding out that someone you have told is now telling others. Luba, a pre-teen girl on our street, told me that every Mon. morning one of her classmates from a different village will bug her until she will re-tell the stories she heard in Sunday school. It was great to know that the message of God's love is not stopping here in our village, but going out. Luba rarely misses Sunday school, so when she wasn't here this last week I knew she was sick. I went to see her in her home Mon. night. She showed me she has been reading the New Testament and is almost finished. Luba told Jessica," If I were sick for a few more days, I would have finished it." Seeds are being planted. Pray they will take root.

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Diane said...

That is really wonderful!