Friday, March 26, 2010

Sweetheart's Inn & Restaurant

Yes, Valentine's day has been here and gone for a while, but I wanted to share a few pictures with you all any way. Febuary 14th fell on Sunday this year, and I knew that was not going to work for a special celebration. So I talked it over with the kids and we picked Fri night, for our suprise. Fri. night is our youth night, and Jason along with Pastor Roman, are in charge. So while they were having the youth service in the living room I was cooking in the kitchen and trying not to make too much noise. After the last prayer and Jason took everyone home, I kids and I kicked it into high gear. We had our guest bedroom cleaned and decorated with hearts and ballons, and then lite the many candles. When Jason returned we blindfolded him and led him to the guest bedroom and sat him down at the table set up in there. Then Jessica and Josh dressed in their best served us. It was lots of fun to plan and I think Jason was really surprised. These are our two wonderfull servers. They even got a tip from Jason.
It was really good that we did it early because the next day we went to help Katrina in southern Ukraine and were gone on Sunday.

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