Friday, March 26, 2010

Youth Night= blogging time

I just saw my husband's van pull in the driveway loaded with youth and I know that it is time to lock myself in the office and do my blogging. It has been very hard to find time to work on the computer. With homeschooling and ministery, and regular mom work, it seems like I am ready to fall into bed as soon as the house calms down for the night. We usually send the village kids and teens home at 5:30 so we can eat supper as a family. But on Friday night since Jason and Roman are in charge I have the time to slip away and blog to my heart's content. I do need to have the snacks ready but that's not a big deal. I pulled some cookie dough(homemade) out of the freezer
and Jessica baked them for me. I am praising God for time to relax and write, and read your blogs as well. So when do you find time to blog?

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twila said...

Saturday I've been letting V and A pick their lessons and had some time and right now when I don't need to do something w Mother I can be online and read your blog 4 min after publishing :- )