Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Papa Sturtevant

We are very happy to have Papa Sturtevant here in Ukraine with us for a few weeks. He has been staying with us in Oskiova but he is not just sitting around. He is a missionary no matter where he may be. Take a look at a few of the things he has been doing since he has been here. He shared an object lesson with the youth group, Fri. night.... Preached in several churches,.....

He had a gathering with some of his "sons" that he taught when he was teaching at the Bible college in Kiev. About 25 or 30 came.
He has been talking with and encouraging many.

Sharing God's love....

and enjoying a bowl of Ukrainian borscht. Dad we are glad that you came back to Ukraine. You have touched many lives here.
Keep up the good work.

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Duddeks said...

Hey guys. Just wanted to leave a note to say that we keep up with your blog. We really miss the kids there and in Nova Odessa (and all the surrounding villages we visited in both towns. It's hard to think about Ukraine because we want to come back so badly, but it looks like this summer isn't going to work out. Please give the kids our love and tell them that we pray for them a lot. You guys too. We want to encourage you. We serve a living God who sent His Son to die for us when we could never deserve it. Just thinking about how much He loves us motivates me to keep striving for the goal. I know it's tough for you guys at times, but many of us don't get the privilege you have to love those kids for Jesus. We appreciate what you are doing and wish we could be there to help. We really love those kids - so much it hurts. And we know that you guys do too.