Friday, March 26, 2010

Dr.Seuss breakfast

Whenever I make up the menu every week, I try to get input from the family, since they are the ones that have to eat what I cook. A few weeks ago, Josh wanted to know if I could cook him green eggs and ham for Sat. breakfast. I told him sure and then wrote it down. I think he was surprised when I actually cooked it for him. So Josh enjoyed his Dr. Seuss breakfast. (if you're wondering what that other thing on the plate is. it's toast.) I guess Dr. Seuss didn't know that eggs go good with toast, not just ham. Sam I am

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Lavy Country said...

how fun - love the smile, Josh! Please send me your #. The one I have is wrong was so disappointed to miss your call. Hope you're doing well. I think of you and say a prayer.