Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Siberia cont.-Khunty tribe

Jason said that this was the coldest time while in Siberia. Stepon and Jason went fishing with a Khunty man. At 5a.m., in -35 degrees weather, and traveling on a sled behind a snowmobile all made it the coldest day. He actually froze his feet and couldn't feel them for around 4hrs. Thank you for praying. God gave definite help and Jason's feet are fine now.

This is the way the Khunty people fish. They have fish traps that are set in the rivers. All they have to do is dig down through the snow and pull up the traps and...

pour out the fish, which are frozen almost instantly, and reset the traps. Fish is the main thing they eat.

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Jeanne said...

Thanks soooo much for sharing the pictures of Siberia. It looks like Jason had an experience of a lifetime. May the Lord keep you both encouraged!!

Jeanne (Durfee) Zvaritch