Friday, March 13, 2009

Teach us to pray!

I really liked this picture from Sunday school and had to share it with you. This little girl has come a few times. And the week this was taken, I was teaching them, that when we pray we are talking to God. These kids have taken it very seriously to pray for Uncle Jason, as they call him. I know many of you have been praying as well. He has reported that a couple of people in a hospital ward they visited, prayed and gave their heart to the Lord. He is really wanting to get back to the Indian tribes in the far north if he can. About a week ago he thought he might have frozen his feet. But God woke up several people, in the States to pray for him that night, and everything is fine now. Thank you for praying. One of the best things I have to report is that a week from tomarrow, a very loved Daddy and husband is coming home. I am sure he will have much more to share with you.

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