Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Siberia cont.- Khunty tribe

Welocme to a Khunty house. These are the native people of Siberia. They are not Russians and are usually looked down upon by the Russians. The Khunty are only one of 31 different Siberian tribes. Over all they knew little or nothing about God or the Bible. They worship spirits of nature. They are very short people as you can see by the door to their home. Jason and Stepon felt privileged to visit them.... eat with them...
and read and study the Bible with them. Being with the Khunty tribe was the highlight of Jason's trip.

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Vicki Clifton said...

Jason and Joanna
Wow. Thanks for sharing these photos. Jason, I'm so happy that you got to go to Sibera. Paul was really excited thinking that would be neat. My heart cries for those people. I'm so glad God helped you touch their lives for Him. I'm rememebering you in prayer. May God help your family.