Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Siberia cont.-Khunty tribe

The one thing that Jason loves to do is get God's Word into the hand of people who have never heard of God or have never had a chance to read a Bible for themselves. He has heard many stories of people who have repented and followed God by just reading the Bible and doing what is says to do. The far out remote areas is where he loves to meet people and talk with them, listen to their stories and tell them about a Book that changed his life. He found such a people in the Khunty tribe(you say it like Huntie) in northern Siberia. They are natives to Siberia and live a very simple life. For the most part they herd reindeer and live on fish and bread. Lets go with them as they head out to visit the Khunty people. Are you ready for a long walk in the deep snow of the north? I hope you are wearing your warmest coat and of course bring you pack full of Bibles. Oh, by the way don't get off the beaten path, you might just sink in the snow, like Stepon did!Say "hello" to the reindeer and hope they don't eat visitors for breakfast.

Then finally, after a very cold morning walk, we have arrived at a Khunty home. They used to travel by reindeer sled but now the oil companies in the area give them snowmobiles in trade for taking all the oil.

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