Sunday, July 26, 2009

A day in VBS

How would you like to come and visit us for a day and go to Vacation Bible School with us here in Osikova? We are getting ready to start (yeah we are a few minutes late because the bus driver had to wait on several children). First we start with a big welcome and prayer. Here my translator and I are explaining my three rules; sit up, smile, and cooperate. All the children received a bandanna and a sticker when they arrived. The bandanna tells what team they are on and the sticker, tells if at the end of our time together, they have obeyed the three rules. If they have they receive an extra treat. In this VBW we usually had between 25-30 children, with 32 being the most. That was exciting to me because we have a hard time getting 10 kids in Sunday school sometimes. So now I know they are out there.

Next is singing time. And the children love to sing. We had some new songs as well as old ones. Our theme was "God has a plan for my life" in Ukrainian. It went along with our jungle theme. God made the animals in a special way and for a special purpose. God made me as well with a special plan in mind. The song we are singing here is " If I were a butterfly". Can you read the words? Remember to sing with all your heart! ( And only the grandmas and grandpas get to sit down)

Next we introduce the animal we were learning about for that day. We had a skit done by Vita and Stepon about which animal it was and how God had made it special. I don't have a good picture of this, but they did a great job acting it out. All of these kids in school are taught evolution. We did our best to show them through how the animal were created that only God could have created them. They would have survived the evolution process. The four animals we studied were giraffe, elephant, lion, and ostrich.
Next we learned a Bible verse. Here Stephannie A. is doing the Bible verse game. The kids were having a great time and learning as well.
Here Mrs. Did You Know was sharing some VERY interesting animal facts with the children. By the way did you know that an ostrich can kill a lion with one kick, and that an elephant has 100,000 muscle groups in its trunk, and that a baby giraffe falls 6 ft when it is first born ( the mothers don't lay down for some reason)? We all learned a lot of things we didn't know. One of the boys, Ela, knew a lot about the ostrich because his parents work at an ostrich farm.
Next came activity time with the teams. Some went to crafts, while another team was writing in their journals and saying their verse for the day. Still others were at game time. The team leaders were very busy at this time. We also had snacks for the children. Now is that too much to fit into 45min? Here are some of the younger ones working on their craft. It as a picture frame and we even took all their pictures and had them back by the end of the week so they could take a picture frame, and picture of themselves to their parents. Thank you to all who gave in this area!
Now Jason doesn't enjoy getting up and telling the stories, or teaching the verse (although he did help act out some of the Bible stories) But Jason does a great job leading the games. All the kids loved the games, especially when the game involved water balloons. Thanks for the great job, honey!
Three legged races were fun! Even Stephannie thinks so.
One of the highlights of the VBS program was the continued story "Run, Ma Run" about Mary Slessor. Sit down with us and listen as Vita tells about the life of this great missionary and how God used a humbly girl from a drunkard's home in Scotland, to reach thousand of people in Calabar.Africa. The children really listened as you can see in the picture. One teenager boy even told me, " It seems like she is telling about my life," when Vita told about Mary hard life as a child. Thank you so much Sandra Miller for getting those to us on time!
Well, after finding out who gets quite seat prize, and closing in prayer and getting our candy for still have a sticker, we all head home to come back the next day for even more fun. So did you have a great time with us? Hope you plan on coming with us tomorrow even if it has to be only in your prayers. There are a few things I didn't get pictures of like the Bible story skit and saying verses and writing in the journals, but over all that is how our VBS went every day. God gave us so much help and we are very grateful. Thanks for your prayers.

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