Friday, July 31, 2009

God gave help on Bible trip!!!

I am finally getting around to telling you about the Bible trip that Jason took to the Ukrainian/ Belarus border. There were 5 other men went with him and the Lord really helped them. Let me show you how. Of course when you get ready to go to an unreached area, and take God's Word, the van brakes down. But God helped Jason find a part that would work and he remade it to fit in. They had to start off a day late.
They headed up to the border and God helped them to met people that were interested in hearing about God. This man was 98 years old and still getting around pretty good.
They met some families that wanted them to come back with children's services.
Many, many people were thrilled to get a Bible and Christian literature.
The guys found many who didn't know how to read. So they took the time to stop and share with them the Gospel message
This man here heard about Jesus and his need for repentance. God was speaking to him.
Right then he bowed and prayed and God came and gave him the forgiveness he was looking for. It was exciting to
hear him pray and see the glow on his face afterward.
For the three night that the guys were gone, they camped in the forest, and slept in tents.
They even cooked their own meals over the fire.Here Roman and Stepon are making the morning tea.
Stepon is taking time to listen to this old Baba (grandma). She had many stories to tell.
Here Pastor Roman is showing this man in the Bible how to repent.
God even worked it out in one village for the guys to preach at a bus stop and many heard the message.
Because there were 3 Americans and 3 Ukrainians it worked out perfect for them to go to 3 villages at the same time. A lot of area was covered and as far as we can tell this as a totally unreached area. No churches except in the big cities. There were a few Orthodox churches in the largest villages.

Even though the water was not always clean.....
And the roads were not the best....
And at night the mosquitoes tried to eat you alive...
It was a real joy to share God Word with those who had never heard. On this trip 11 people prayed and repented and three villages invited them back for services. Thanks for praying!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Somehow I always get goosebumps reading your blog! Tears came to my eyes on this one, where you show the picture of the man repenting as soon as he heard the gospel--praise God for a wonderful story to tell and for a simple, ready faith of one to receive and accept it! Thank you for being a missionary, Jason and Joanna! ~~Iva