Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First VBS of the summer!!!

We need to catch you up on what has been happening with us. Our first two VBSs took place June 23rd -27th. No I was not at two places at the same time. Katrina Randolph led one team of workers and they went to a village called Ulanivka. Jason and I led another team of workers and we went to a village called Mikhalovka. We were leaving the house before 7am and getting back in town around 2pm to get prepared for the next day. It was a very busy week but also fullfilling. There are not many children in this village so Jason was picking up kids in near by villages as well. Our theme for this year is God made me special. We learned about different animals every day and cool facts that point to a Creator that made them unique. Then we learned how God made us special with a purpose and a plan in mind. Vita worked as our translator. She also did a great job telling the continued stoy every day.
Artyom was our teen helper and did a wonderful job contecting with the teens in the village.

Jeff A. and Jason filling water ballons for game time. No running water, so they filled them at the village well.

A water ballon toss was a nice way to cool off.

He finally got the apple!
God worked it out for us to get out of the heat and have our VBS inside for the last of the week.

All during the week we were telling the children how much God loved them and made them special. God created all things and made the animals special, but we were made with a soul. On Fri. I explained the Gospel message and one little boy came forward to pray. It was so neat to hear him pray from the heart. Later in the day he said that God had helped him.

Pray for all the teens and children in this village. There are several of the teens that hope to come to youth camp.

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