Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week off ???

When I say that this has been a week off, I don't mean that we aren't doing anything. It just means that we have a break in our VBS schedual. Would you like to see what a week off is for missionaries. First off, since this is summer we have started our canning. Yes, you can buy things at the store but you can save soooooo much money if you just can it. Here is Vita canning cherry juice. It is a totally different process than in the States. And since we plan on putting up as much food for winter as we can, we needed to fix our celler. The guys are still working on that one. Sand and gravel came today and they are building new walls for the steps since the old ones were all broken down.
And yes, we are trying to get a little rest when we can. Mr. King, Joshua's cat was so happy that we were home again and he was caught resting on the job as he was guarding the shoe rack.

A nice laugh helps one relax after our VBS last week. Three down and four to go. Thanks for praying for us.

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