Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Youth Night!!!

We have been having a few young people hanging out at our house in Ocekivia. But I nor Jason felt like we had enough to really do a youth night yet. One day last week, Jessica came in the house all excited. She had made a few new friends that were teens and she said," You wanted teens, well here they are." With all the help God has given us this summer, we felt that we had enough people on hand to start a youth night. So in VBS we announced that the teens could come Fri. night for a special game night, food, and Bible lesson. We were so excited when 14 teenagers showed up for the first night that we had youth outreach. Please that this ministry will go forward with the Lord's help. All the bikes at the gate showed how some of the teens came. We had a great volleyball game. Actually I cheered more than played and Jason, Jeff A, Artyome, and Stepon played volleyball with the teens. Most of the teens were boys. Please pray that some of them will come to youth camp that will be the second week in Aug.
How can you have a youth night without pizza? Yes, we did have pizza although it was homemade. We used Ukrainian bread for the crust and it turned out great. At least the lack of leftover proved they like it.

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